Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gifts for the Savior


Gift giving has become a big part of Christmas tradition, so much so that we can sometimes forget the reason for the season.

While we are plotting and planning what gifts to give our family and friends we could also include some gifts for our Savior on the list. has a list of Top 10 Spiritual Gifts to Give the Savior.

These are gifts that are not only meaningful at this time of year, but the whole year through and an eternity to come.


Anonymous said...

I love this idea!! Several years ago we hung a white stocking on our fireplace mantel for our Savior. Each Christmas Eve we write a note, or sometimes a letter, to him of the gift or gifts we are going to give him throughout the next year. We keep the note in the stocking through the year and after we have written the new note, we then review our offing of the previous year.
It is interesting to follow as our family has grown their gifts have changed.

Positively Creative! said...

Thanks so much for this blog, it's such an inspiration!

MRS DOTTER said...

Found your blog, and wanted to thank you for all your work. This is very inspiring!

aaronandsharla said...

What a great little blog you have here! I love it and am going to link it to mine! thanks!

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