Tuesday, December 16, 2008


It is never too late to introduce new traditions into your family. Through the years we have tried many things to bring us closer to Christ and the true meaning of Christmas. Some of the traditions have "stuck" and we love doing them year after year. Some things we have tried and have not done a second time. But, there is fun just in trying new things. I figure even the things that flop, create memories for our family.

A site called Tip Junkie is talking about different ways to keep Christ the focus of your Christmas and I really appreciate all of the ideas being shared. (New ideas to try!)

As I think about the short number of days until Christmas I feel the need to keep my own thoughts focused more on the Savior. I want to slow down and truly feel and see the beauty of this time of year. I want to be part of bringing a little more peace into this world and teach my children to focus more on others.

One specific idea someone shared was to pay for the fast food order of the car behind you, or the car behind you if you were driving through a Christmas light display.

Do any of you have an idea of anonymous service, little things that can be done day to day to bring a little more kindness into the world?

We would love to hear your ideas!

I think doing kind deeds for others on a daily basis may be the best tradition of all!


Tirzah said...

Ruth, I happened upon your blog quite by accident a couple of weeks ago while looking for a Christmas story for Enrichment meeting. I think I know you. I tried e-mailing Sarah at the address on the sidebar, but it bounced back. Is there a place I can e-mail you. I would so love to contact you. Thank you so much for doing this blog. It is so wonderful. By the way, I am a former member of the Northridge 3rd ward. We served in the Relief Society presidency together.

Sarah said...

We do know you! Email me (Sarah) at famtreeclimber@hotmail.com and I will get you in contact with my mother.

The Pratt Family said...

Is this just a Christmas blog or is it year around Christ centered traditions?

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