Monday, November 3, 2008

Arts and Crafts

I love children's artwork and always have some displayed in prominent places in my home. At Christmas it is wonderful to sit down with your children or grandchildren with paper and art supplies and encourage them to draw or paint pictures of the nativity. Encourage their creativity and you will be rewarded with the sweetest artwork that reminds your children and you of the reason for the season.

Help children to make their own nativity. We have done this with simple cut out shapes of felt that were then played with on a flannel board to retell the Christmas story. We have used wooden spools bought at the craft store and painted, and playdough and clay shapes molded by small hands.

We have bought a big slab of red potter's clay and made small clay lamps that are similar to the lamps used at the time of Christ. Even teenage boys like the process of lighting these.

Look for more arts and crafts in the weeks to come. We will link to many of the amazing things other people are doing.

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