Monday, November 3, 2008

Christmas Stories

Collect children's books containing stories that illustrate the true uplifting meaning of Christmas. Wrap them, or enlist an older child to wrap them, place them in a basket and open them one at a time to read. These books should inspire a feeling of compassion, service and a desire to follow the example of Jesus.

Some of our favorites:
*The Christmas Train by Ivan Gantschev (A true story, with layers of meaning--unfortunately out of print, check online)
*The Three Trees
*A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens (could be read out loud as a family)
*The Mansion by Henry Van Dyke (President Monson likes this)

Or collect stories from the Ensign or Friend or from online, and compile into a notebook that can be read a couple of nights a week leading up to Christmas.

Some stories online:
Three Trees from Sugardoodle
The Story of Silent Night from Sugardoodle
The Christmas Orange from Sugardoodle
Advent Story Book complied by Melissa Dillon submitted on Sugardoodle

In the past we have put together some stories and thougts on Christmas and placed them in numbered envelopes to be read each day and called it "A Walk With Christ" especially effective with older children and teenagers.

Read excerpts from the book Jesus the Christ by James Talmage to gain spiritual and historical insight into the events leading up to Christ's birth. An audio file of the book can be found and downloaded for free here

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