Monday, November 3, 2008

Family Service

Do a small kindness for Jesus. Do a service for someone in your family such as secretly making a bed for someone and leave a small figure of the Christ child at the site of your service. That person then has to do a kind thing in secret for someone else in the family. We try to keep a couple of these baby Jesus figures (you can sometimes find these at the Dollar store and Walmart) circulating throughout the Christmas season. It helps if a parent or an enthusiastic child is in charge of reminding people to keep this going. It is wonderful to have a spirit of service in the home!

Hang Christmas stockings early in the season and encourage family members to place notes of appreciation, love and noticing the good deeds of another and read them on Christmas.

Place a basket of straw near your nativity and encourage family members to take a piece of straw and place it into the manger each time they do a kind deed for someone else. This idea was used for an Family Home Evening idea posted on Sugardoodle

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